Aravinda vidyalayam is a unit of Bharatheeya Vidya Nikethan, the Kerala chapter of Vidya Bharathi Akhil Bharatheeya siksha sansthan, Lucknow, an all India organization engaged in the field of education. Inspired by Vidya Bharathi, the Bharatheeya Vidya Nikethan started functioning in Kerala in the year 1979 preparing teachers for grooming children of pre-school stage and starting at the same time “Sisu Mandirs” and vidyanikethan schools all over the state.

Aravinda vidyalayam started on 2001 and currently the school is running classes till 10th standard, based on CBSE syllabus and giving due importance to arts, sports, yoga, extracurricular activities and our cultural values.The institution is emphasising on qualitative and effective education and development of students morally and scientifiacally. computer education is imparted from standard Ist ownwards. All students can get the facilities to learn from Digital class rooms. School conveyance is available on all routes.


We believe in establishing a National Educational system which will develop generations of young men and women who will have complete faith in Sanathana Dharma, will be nationalist to the core, fully developed from the physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual angles, who can successfully meet the challenges of the modern life and whose lives will be dedicated to the eradication of social evils, exploitation and injustice among our brethren living in villages, jungles, hills and urban slums in order to promote equality prosperity and culture throughout the country.

Sixty four years ago Bharat attained Independence. But even now the desire of the people to have an educational system reflecting the indigenous culture of the land has not seen the day. The dreams of Swami Vivekananda, Maharshi Arobindo, Rabindranath Tagore and others have not yet been realized. Our official education policy is such that the rich heritage of our land is never taught and hence become more and more alien to our youth. The system formulated by Macaulay where in a Bharathiya is made into a non-Bharathiya is followed even now. Students after attaining degrees know nothing of their land and its cultural tradition. They are not proud of its rich heritage. Besides leading an aimless life, they become selfish individuals. Mustn’t this be changed? Mustn’t the children be patriotic? Mustn’t they grow the pride of Bharath? For that the present education policy of the government is not enough. Hence in 1952, at Gorakhpur, U.P; VidyaBharathi was established which aims to bring about a social transformation through education. At present VidyaBharathi have more than 45,000 educational institutions. Bharatiya VidyaNiketan is the Kerala chaprter of VidyaBharathi.